Only the finest vegetable dyed Italian leather is used to produce our handcrafted bags, belts and accessories.

Italian Design, Quality and Elegance

Made in Italy accessories are happy to represent this cutting edge designer Gianni Notaro. His Urban chic look matches the timeless style that Made In Italy love - as Coco Chanel famously said "fashions changes but style remains". His handbags combine a sharp and current look with more classical lines and styles creating pieces that can be pulled out the wardrobe year after year and never look dated.

The history of our Manufacturers

The history of leather goods started in the thirties in a small workshop where exclusive and unique styles were created. Since then the firms philosophy has remained unchanged: a deliberately limited producton ensures better quality and use of available resources meaning maximum benefits for the customer. The raw materials come from the best Italian producers and the manufacturing process is entrusted only to master craftsmen. Thanks to their total quality system customers assistance and repair services are guaranteed to maintain the same quality standards year after year. They stand decades of expertise, passion and the professionalism of highly skilled craftsmen. They do not, though neglect new technology and modern styles. The love for tradition and research makes their product everlasting unique and precious object above the changes in fashion.

Our Men's and Women's belts are made by a family of artisans with generations of experience.

Pater Familias Federico Verusso formed this artisanal workshop back in 1979, born from his passion to protect both Neapolitan tailoring traditions and also Italian Leather and the 'Made in Italy' stamp of quality. This bastion of national design and export was slowly being attacked by cheap foreign reproductions invading the market. This small family business now trades under the name of his son and produces the highest quality hand made pieces, from only the finest Italian Leather sourced from Tuscany and Le Marche. Alessandro Verruso has inherited his father's business and in turn has already instilled his passion to the next generation of the Verruso family, as his children now form an integral part of the team and continue the local family tradition of producing only the finest Italian leather goods. Although the family specialize in men's and women's belts, they also make all kinds of leather accessories.

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