Identify your belt size

  • Measure where you would like to wear your belt, at the waist or below the waist.

  • Or you can measure a belt that you already have at home (from the buckle to the hole you currently use) to determine the size you need.

  • If you are not sure of your size or how Made in Italy leather belts are measured then the guide below may be of assistance.

Guide to belt size

  • Men and women leather belts come with two measurements on the back of the leather strap excluding reversible belts.

  • The number on the top determines the length of the belt and the number below is the size of the belt  e.g. 100cm Length = 85cm Size
. To obtain the size you measure from the buckle to middle or 3rd hole as per diagram.

  • The length of the belt is taken from the buckle to end of the leather strap as per diagram.

You can alter the size of the belt by shifting the buckle to another hole


  • As per diagram the size of the belt is 85 cm from the buckle to the 3rd or middle hole.
  • Altering the position of the buckle either reduces or increases the size of the belt. For example, moving the buckle to the 1st hole subtracts 5 cm from the size (80cm) or using the last or 5th hole adds 5 cm to the size (90cm) for the 2nd or 4th hole subtract or increase by 2.5 cm.
  • Overall an 85 cm size belt is suitable for any person who is looking for a size belt between 80cm-90cm.
  • The variation will help you identify the size belt that is right for you.
  • The same method is used for all size belts for both men & women.
Conversion table
33.5 85
35.4 90
37.4 95
39.4 100
41.3 105
43.3 110
45.3 115
47.2 120
49.2 125
51.2 130

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