Traditional Italian Leather production uses natural process to toughen and preserve hides creating a subtle soft feel alongside a durability and toughness that will stand the test of time.

Ecologically Friendly Leather Production

Tanning is the process of preserving hides by altering the raw protein structure of the hide itself, and by turning the hide into leather, naturally occurring decay is prevented. Vegetable tanning is today the most traditional, eco-friendly and authentic technique available to produce high quality, timeless leather. The fact that ground tree bark is the main ingredient instead of noxious chemical is the obvious reasons its environmental impact is minimized.

What is Vegetable Tanning?

Nearly forty days are needed to gently transform raw hides into tanned leathers. Between the various tanning methods available, vegetable tanning is still the most classical, traditional, and vintage method of creating timeless leather.

Each tannery has an archive of recipes passed down through generations that are closely guarded secrets. Constant experimentation and innovation pushes the creative limits of this inherently individual material over time. 

Vegetable tanning embodies the past and future of leather-working, as it is a perpetual blend of science, tradition, and innovation. With the heritage of expert artisans, developments of modern technology, and use of natural materials, the vegetable tanning process is also eco-friendly with minimal pollutants.

The Process

Although the exact procedures are closely guarded secrets, the general procedure is widely known. The tannins are extracted from the inner bark of tree and ground before being mixed with soft water and other secret ingredients in which the leather is soaked for as long as 40 days. These drums are slowly rotated to assure equal dispersion of the tannins for a uniform effect. Different mixes of ingredients are used for different finishes, colors and leathers, and the industry today combines a mix of technology, tradition and innovation to produce materials that are unrivaled in international leather production.

The Benefits

Apart from the obvious ecological benefits of using natural ingredients for desired effects as opposed to chemicals the leather produced is completely biodegradable unlike other leathers produced using purely industrial techniques.  Furthermore the leathers produces by these expert artisans boasts finishes, shades and feels that lower quality producers could only dream about.  It is renowned as being the best leather in the world well before ecological concerns became as important as they are today.

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