The Do's and Don’ts of caring & storing Italian leather bags and accessories so they remain in excellent condition extending the lifespan of your purchase.

The leather care information provided is to be used as a guide only and at customer’s own discretion.

Only the Finest Leather

All our leather products are handmade and Made in Italy using only the finest Italian leather. Possible imperfections are not defects but characteristics typical of that particular hide. The best care for any leather product is always preventative care. Do not leave leather bags, belts, or purses in direct sunlight as this will cause fading.

Watch out for Water!

Water/rain can stain some leather bags in particular bags with smooth, shiny, patent or suede leather finishes. If the bag gets wet ensure to pat dry, do not rub! Leave in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight to dry naturally. Do not use a hairdryer as this could cause harm to the leather. Excessive water can leave a mark on the leather so pat dry immediately and allow the leather to dry naturally to eliminate further damage.

Keep it Fresh

Never store any leather products in a humid or damp environment as this could potentially harm the leather and cause mildew. Ensure that your leather product is stored in a well-ventilated area, with a constant flow of clean air and away from direct sunlight.

Suede Care

Suede is a treatment applied to the skin to produce a napped finish (a raised or soft surface). Suede is beautiful but very delicate. We recommend using a soft suede brush to clean bags. We also suggest not wearing dark color clothing such as dark denim with light color suede as the rubbing motion could stain the bag surface. Our recommendations with any light color leather bag or accessory such as white, beige, cream etc. should not to be worn with darker clothing as this could stain the leather. When wearing any leather accessory diligence is important.

Keep it Clean

Please be mindful that lipsticks, ink or any other oil based product could stain the lining or leather which makes it difficult for even the professionals to clean. We highly recommend that any oil based products like makeup be placed in a makeup bag. Always clean and dust leather bags using a soft cloth before storing and ensure that you empty the bag of all its content

Store with Care

We recommend when you’re not using your bag to place white tissue paper or a non-transferable color paper inside so it remains in its natural shape. Please do not add newspaper as this could stain the lining or the leather. If the bag has a middle compartment, dividing the interior into two separate sections add a little tissue paper to both areas. We suggest that you lightly stuff the tissue paper into the bag and not to over use as this will prevent the leather from stretching and losing its shape. Store leather products in a dust bag or a pillow case, this will allow the product to breath and prevent it from damage or scratches.

Leather SOS

If you stain you leather bag and want to have it cleaned we recommend that you use a leather professional but if you decide to clean the leather bag or accessory yourself then it’s at your own discretion. Please use diligence and read the product instructions carefully and always test before use, preferably test the product in a discreet area like inside the bag. Please note there are harmful chemicals in some products out there on the market that could damage or be absorbed by the leather that can clog the pours which will shorten the life of your leather purchase.

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