Designed & Made in Italy only using the Finest Italian Leather


Italy is renowned for a variety of different things ranging from stunning natural and cultural attractions, to the more hands on human elements found in its cuisine and design.

It was my love for Italian artisanal production and sleek and stylish italian design, that lead to the idea of developing Made in Italy Accessories.


The great fashion houses of Italy are world leaders, yet it is very much the country itself, with its traditions of art and craftsmanship that created the environment within which the great names were able to come forward develop and shine.


For every big name like Armani and Valentino there are countless expert artisans producing materials and workmanship that is truly worthy of international recognition. I wanted to help show the world how a wonderfully handcrafted Italian Leather bag did not have to cost the same as a small car.


I wanted to show that Italian tailoring, design, and workmanship was not limited to a small group of fashion houses based in Milan.


I also wanted the highest quality Italian leather that did not only have to be available to the elite. Real quality Italian Leather Goods can be affordable as well as being exclusively expensive.


I believe a leather product is an investment.


You want it to be practical, versatile and lasting. You want to look and feel good wearing it. I understand that not everyone has the ability to travel or able to afford expensive items.


My vision is to provide the same opportunity I had, to buy beautiful handmade Italian leather products without blowing your budget.

With that in mind, we traveled the countryside from Milan, Florence, Naples and everywhere in-between to locate family workshops and factories producing and manufacturing quality merchandise for generations.


Our mission is to continue to expand our collection and locate new manufactures here in Italy to provide our customers with diverse styles at reasonable prices without compromising on quality.

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