Made in Italy Accessories is about transforming a personal dream into a new way of life, working in a field I've always loved, providing the same top quality handbags and accessories I would want to buy myself for others around the world.

About Us

I’m first generation Australian, my Italian parents migrated from Italy to Australia in the early 60s and I am the eldest of four children.


My working career commenced in the fashion industry but took many different turns as the years progressed. This eventually led to a new career path in the corporate world, a career that brought long hours alongside personal achievements; in a field however that was never one I loved.


I was becoming tired of long working days and the lack of freedom and independence, and upon becoming single again, I decided it was time for a change.


What a change it turned out to be! Inspired by a trip to Europe made many years prior that had impressed upon me a sense of belonging and romance, I decided to return to the country that my parents had left so many years ago.


In July 2010 I returned to re-visit Rome, the city where I had left my heart many years ago. I instantly fell in love when I arrived at my apartment along a cobbled street in the heart of Trastevere.


I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere and the noise; the feeling of class and style that floated around the place, and loved the grace and timeless feel of the fashion conscious Italians.


I felt sad on my last day saying goodbye to friends I made during my stay in Rome, as I packed and headed to spend my last night in a hotel.


It was in that very hotel I met Marco, who has grown to become both my business and life partner. It took a little time, but after some serious thought and overcoming my fear, a year later I relocated and started my new life here in Rome.


It was not easy to leave family, friends and a secure job to travel abroad to take on a new adventure in a country where I couldn't even speak the language, but I was up for the challenge and I think any risk is worth taking when you are chasing your dream.


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